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(For Now)

¬†As our temps climb, your walls heat up. Why am I telling you this? Brown Recluse Activity has begun. After several days above 60 degrees, your insulated areas in your home heat up triggering a feeding response for Brown Recluse. Now, let’s talk some numbers/facts. As most of you know, Brown Recluse venom is a Cytotoxin. This means that it attacks the tissue. HOWEVER, studies show that only 23% of people envenomated suffer the necrosis, or “flesh rot”. That leaves 77%, if my math skills do not fail me, that have a reaction of swelling, a rash or a hot spot. What most people don’t realize is that EVERY SINGLE HO– USE has Brown Recluse, its just a matter of severity whether you see them or not. Don’t buy into the media hype, (which is sure to start popping up) these spiders are definitely a cause for concern, but definitely NOT a cause for panic. I am Bugman, and I approve this message. Please feel free to share.

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