Still have questions? We understand ! Here are some of the most common questions we hear out on the job.

Q: Do you offer return services if a problem should arise between scheduled services?

A: Yes, all call back services are free for monthly customers.

Q: Do you have to sign a contract?

A: SGH Pest Management offers both contract and non-contract services. Our goal is to be your "BUG MAN" as long as you are in the area, whether you do a contract or not, we work hard to continue being your "BUG MAN".

 Q: What if we move?

A: Your service will transfer with you. With no transfer fees. We give you one less thing to worry about during your move at no additional cost. (as long as you are within our service area)

 Q: Are your chemicals and materials safe around my kids and pets?

A: All materials we use are strictly by the label. Which means there is no harm done to any pets, children or adults.

Q: Do you offer an Auto-Pay Program?

A: Yes, we do offer auto-pay services. We process our Auto-pay services on the 1st of every month. making it easy and one less thing to have to remember in your busy schedule.