Ahhh, The Joys Of Fall!

As most of you have noticed, Nature is in the process of decorating your home for Halloween.  Spider Webs are plentiful this time of year with our natures pest control spinning their food catching devises around your doors, windows and porches.  The Culprits?  The Bronze Orbweaver,  The Yellow and Black Orbweaver and several species of Funnel Web Spiders.  These Spiders eat A LOT of bugs for you in preparation for their winter dormancy and egg laying efforts.  As for the danger of these spiders to you as humans.  NO DANGER WHATSOEVER!!!

Most of you should know by now that ALL SPIDERS ARE VENOMOUS! (Not Poisonous) However, 99% of the spiders that we deal with here in North Alabama can not and will not hurt you.  Their venom is meant for their food source, not humans.  I do realize that there are A LOT of people deathly afraid of spiders and will become the Karate Student when running into webs. That is perfectly fine, that is why I am here.  My intentions is to educate you as to why it is not a panic worthy situation as you would like to believe it is.

Bronze Orbweavers are probably one of the most frequent ID requests that I receive.  These are brown/bronze colored, have a huge bulbous abdomen and typically form webs that defy gravity and range in size from a soccer ball to a Volkswagon Beetle.  More time than not, stretching from a bush in your landscaping to a branch located in the second layer of the atmosphere.  If you go outside during the dusk hours, you can spot these beauties going to work for their nightly feast.  Without a doubt, as a Bugman, completely fascinating to watch.  As the early morning light begins to crest over the horizon, these spiders will remove their webbing, recycling the silk material to use later that day to restart the process all over again.  When you think about it, this is a remarkable activity with a dash of Nightmare.  Fascinating none-the-less.

Other prevalent visitors include the Yellow Orbweaver, which most refer to as the Garden Spider or sometimes, falsely labeled as a “Banana Spider” (*which is a species of Spider in South America which is UNBELIEVABLY venomous and dangerous to humans)  These Yellow Orbweavers are Black and Yellow, typically the size of a golf ball to Baseball depending on age.  To most, these appear to be the Devil Himself.  But here is a key attribute to your safety- Just leave them alone. Along with the rest of the Spider Species on this planet, they will not chase you down, inject you with a life ending venom, wrap you up in silk and save your lifeless body for a midnight snack.  In contrary, they are actually doing you a huge favor by consuming a large amount of insects that would normally be a pain in the butt.  Again, these will not hurt you.

With all of this said, as a customer of mine, please let me know if you wish to spare the lives of these pest control species.  Most of my customers choose to leave these to do their duties.  I will take care of the issue if requested.

I hope that this helps you in possibly avoiding a panic attack in the near future.  As always, if you have any questions/comments, feel free to reach me via email, text, PM, phone call, smoke signal or any other viable means of communication.  Thank you and I hope you all have a blessed day!