SGH Pest Management Inc's Story.

Simply put, We at  SGH Pest Management are constantly researching and evaluating to improve our relationship between our customers and our technicians. While at the same time investing in up to date materials and equipment to provide the best insect control services around with guaranteed results. Contact us today to see how SGH Pest Management can work for you.  We offer in home pest inspections for Cullman and the surrounding areas.


We Strive to offer the best bang for the buck.

Through the years, I've listened to complaints about other companies and did whatever possible to avoid those same problems. Because of this, SGH Pest Management Inc. Leads all others in professionalism, reliability, and safety.


Steve Crawford

about us

Founder & CEO

How I became the BUG MAN!

In 1994 I earned my Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Army and entered the Pest Control Industry. I went to work for a local company where I worked hard and learned the trade. After 7 years, on September 1st 2001, I ventured out on my own journey as SGH Pest. Since then, my company has become a leader in the local area. Proving to be an elite company in the industry of pest managment. With hopes of many more years to come, I look forward to serving the people of Cullman and the surrounding area in my pursuit of excellence.

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